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Kraft Pizza Sheets

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There's nothing like opening a pizza box... and seeing a perfectly made pizza. Only to be spoiled when you pick up the first slice and grease has soaked into the dough, making it soggy and unappetizing. That's where the F-D-S pizza sheet comes in.
      -Our pizza sheet is made with a FDA approved, bleached Kraft (white) paper.

    -The F-D-S pizza sheet has a FDA approved, water proof coating applied to the corrugated side of the sheet.

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Water-Proof Coating

ISPKW16 18 230 16 in No
ISPKW18 18 230 18 in No
ISPKW07 27 1000 7 in No
ISPKW08 27 1000 8 in No
ISPKW14 27 230 14 in No
ISPKW12 36 230 12 in No
ISPKW10 48 230 10 in No
  Results 1 - 7 of 7 1 
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