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Food Service Packaging

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Kit Cookie Bowl Deep Clear

Bowls and Cups

They are made from APET and ready right out of the case to fill with what ever cold food you may need to pack.
15 oz Salsa Cup

HPP Portion Deli Containers


FDS Manufacturing proudly introduces our line of "HPP" or High-Pressure Processing Deli Containers.  These containers are made to withstand the incredible stress that is used in the Pascaliztion process.  Made from 100% recyclable APET, FDS' HPP Deli Containers are environmentally friendly and strong.


Square Tubs

6" Square Tub- made from FDA approved APET and come in the following depths: 1.5", 2" and 2.5" Deep.
Sandwich Container

Sandwich Containers

FDS Manufacturing Company has a new line of packaging in our ever growing Food Service line, our Sandwich Containers aka "Hoagie" Trays. These trays are made from PET and are 100% recyclable.
Deli Tray

Deli Trays

These are specialty trays that can be used for food service or any other application requiring a unique package. The Deli Trays are made from 100% recyclable in black and clear PET.
Single Face Corrugated Packaging - Pizza Sheets

Single Face Corrugated Packaging - Pizza Sheets (Master List)

There's nothing like opening a pizza box... and seeing a perfectly made pizza. Only to be spoiled when you pick up the first slice and grease has soaked into the dough, making it soggy and unappetizing. That's where the F-D-S pizza sheet comes in.
      -Our pizza sheet is made with a FDA approved, bleached Kraft (white) paper.

    -The F-D-S pizza sheet has a FDA approved, water proof coating applied to the corrugated side of the sheet.
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